FIVEbulous Open Letter to Our Miracle, Nia – Words from Team A&E

Nia Turns Five! “You’re a galaxy of joy and inspiration to everyone who hears or sees you.” Happy Birthday Sweet Miracle!

“The best miracle I’ve ever witnessed” ~ Nia’s Daddy 

Today you turn 5, I am blessed with grace to call you my daughter on this day September 27th. The grace and mercy allowed us to have you on this amazing day. As each year comes to this day, I can reflect upon it as the best miracle I’ve ever witnessed. N.A.S. you took the operating room like a swift mesmerizing breeze and no words but yours filled the air so eloquently. Can’t say I deserve to be your father but I’m taking up the mantle to serve as your hometown hero. As times get rough, I’ll be around to protect and guide you the best I can or I’ll try harder. You’re a galaxy of joy and inspiration to everyone who hears or sees you. You will always be a living testimony to God’s everlasting love for mankind. I may not always be the nicest or most pleasant but I will honor my position in your life. Thank you for being my perfect daughter, the best angel I could have ever asked God for today and tomorrow.

Love Always,

your Dad [Antoine]

Father’s Day 2020 – Virginia Beach, VA


Nia Alexandria, where do I start! WOW! FIVE “5” amazing years with you on this earth! I am filled with so much joy and gratitude for your earthly presence. Another year around the sun with you is another 365 days I was never expected to have with you. The magnitude of the grief and peace I felt on that morning, five years ago, preparing for your arrival – still feels like yesterday! I tried my best to prepare myself for the transition of your life – my God! However, At 9:26am on September 27, 2017 – God Said NO! Your cry was sooo angelic and music to my ears! Quite frankly it startled me and the entire operating room as I had no expectation of this sound!

As I sit here writing this open letter, the tears of joy and gratitude are real. There is not a day that goes by that I take you for granted! I know you are a miracle and to be a witness to the magic really is indescribable. I know many parents say they are lucky and blessed to have their babies – but I feel like I hit the jackpot with you! Your spirit and energy light up any space you walk into. Despite the hardships including lengthy hospital stays, medical support, swallowing my pride, eating lots of humble pie, facing my insecurities in the wake of your diagnosis – there is not an ounce of regret for bringing you into this world with the hopes and aspirations that God would deliver on His promise…Trust Me and I will reward you!

We are the recipients of obedience to His word. Some folks can’t fathom how Faith kept you alive, and yet how close we were to allowing our fear to make the decision to terminate because of your prognosis. None of this journey has been simple, but each year you show me how much of a warrior you are and owning your small but fierce physicalities. You lack nothing and your size is a perfect fit for you! 😘💖

As I walked through Target this morning my emotions overcame me and tears welled in my eyes! 🥹 I remember before you were born dreading walking through the baby aisles in Target, a place I loved and baby rows I always loved passing by. The little tiny clothes, hair bows, and all things baby – and grief would quickly overwhelm me preparing to be a Motherless mom.

Now 5 years later I still have moments of grief thinking of what was taken from me – mentally and emotionally, but also in the same breath I am counting my blessings that I get to take joy and comfort in your miraculous birth. I am privileged to go through the aisles and not feel as sad for what was taken for me – but now focus on what is in front of me. That’s you sweet girl with all of your bliss! My girly girl who loves all the glitz and glam! ✨✨I am grateful!

I love how you love me soooo much! You remind me often “I am the best mommy ever.” When I make mistakes you are quick to tell me “that’s okay mommy.” Your forgiving heart is one of a kind! The grace and compassion you present at the age of five is more than many adults will ever show in a lifetime. You know how to console and support others when they are not at their best. Your desire to outwardly express love to and for others is one of a kind. 

Your dad and I are still in awe of your beauty, ambition, tenacity, and unapologetic nature to be great! The year of Five means a chapter of pushing boundaries, exploring, and being fearless!  The reality is you have been breaking the mold and disrupting the status quo since you were born! Nia you have a way with people that commands a different approach to existing in your world. Your light moved your dad to a desire to outwardly share his unconditional love and commitment to you as his child. We are the imperfect storm that created the perfect you! 

Happy 5th Birthday Doll Baby! #bossbaby

I love you, Mommy [Erica]



Point Please 💖

Author: Nia's Journey

Mother of a Miracle Warrior Baby Girl! Her name is Nia Alexandria! Nia's Journey has given me a completely different perspective on life! I pray her journey blesses others along the way- follow me @nias_journey (Instagram) and

2 thoughts on “FIVEbulous Open Letter to Our Miracle, Nia – Words from Team A&E”

  1. So Powerful! Happy Five-alous Birthday Nia! Your parents have had me crying on this day! Your presence is a phenomenal reminder that God is a promise keeper! And He never fails! All the very best to you and your family! God continue to bless, keep and protect you as you WOW this world with your presence! Happy Birthday Sweetie!

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