Dancing in the Rain

After Antoine and I decided we were going to carry Baby Nia to term, despite the odds being against her/us- what better way to celebrate this life than a Babymoon!!!! At times we felt like we were drowning in Nia’s diagnosis,  but instead of living each day in sadness we wanted Nia to experience what we loved to do most- vacation at the beach!

Prior to finding out we were pregnant, we had planned to travel to Barbados for our 5th year wedding anniversary and stay a week. However, we could no longer do so due to me being pregnant and Zika still being an issue in the  Caribbean .

Instead of Barbados for our anniversary trip, we decided on a babymoon to Amelia Island, Florida in late July 2017. This trip was absolutely amazing. We stayed at the Omni Resort, Amelia Island and had some of the best local cuisine in Fernandina Beach, Florida area.  We lived this babymoon up by including a maternity photoshoot. If Nia didn’t have long with us, it was important to capture how beautiful she made me feel. The photoshoot was absolutely amazing. We had a ball! From my makeup artist, Monica Hayes to  our awesome and spunky photographer, Kellie Boston of Boston Photography.   We had our photoshoot on the first day and were able to truly vacation our next few days on the island.

Antoine and I laughed, rested,  had good eats, woke up to beautiful sun rises, walked the beach, soaked in the sun, and shared great reflection on our pregnancy journey. Throughout our babymoon, I received so many compliments on how beautiful I looked preggers and still able to dress fashionably. Those nice words went a long way because no stranger  knew that the odds were against us and that this pregnancy was anything but favorable.

On this trip we reflected on how blessed we were to become parents no matter for how long. Nia was kicking and growing in me, regardless of what the ultrasounds and experts said. She was enjoying being sunny side up and snugged close on my right side. Allowing this beautiful life to grow in me and being able to give her the best on this earth is what mattered even if she never got to live outside of my womb.

Nia didn’t mind all the goodness from this trip either, especially food 🙂 We had fudge, ice cream, local seafood, and whatever yumminess that came along. This was a happy place and we didn’t want to return to our reality. In all honesty,  we wanted time to please slow down because the faster time tick the less time we had with Nia……

So instead of thinking of the end, we decided to Pray and Dance in the Rain!

Amelia Island- Sunrise July 2017- Widescreen
Sunrise from our resort room!
Sunset Photo- Me on Rocks
Maternity photo taken on personal phone 🙂

Amelia Island Sunset

Author: Nia's Journey

Mother of a Miracle Warrior Baby Girl! Her name is Nia Alexandria! Nia's Journey has given me a completely different perspective on life! I pray her journey blesses others along the way- follow me @nias_journey (Instagram) and www.niasjourney.com

12 thoughts on “Dancing in the Rain”

  1. I have no words to express my feelings about your journey!! I can’t count the times I read your first blog. I know that God will continue to shine on and through you guys!! 😘😘 You two are amazing and so is Nia. #purposedrivenlives #Heavensent 😘😘😘


  2. Erica,

    You are sooo beautiful inside and out!! Thanks for sharing ‘Nia’s Journey’!!! I was glued to my screen!! (LOL)!! You and your husband are so STRONG!!!! Your words gave me chills and I’m glad God put it on your hearts to push through with your pregnancy!!! I could not imagine!!! God bless your family and Princess Nia!!!! I pray that she continues to be a fighter and grow into a wonderful lady just like here mommy!!!! I can’t wait to read more!!!


    Liked by 1 person

  3. You are beautiful in every way! The old wives’ tale says that girls steal their preggers mother’s beauty. Not true! Clearly! You were even more beautiful 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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